Tarot meditation: 3 of Staves Reversed

On Facade, there is a tarot reading generator. It has been surprisingly accurate for me. That's rather unusual considering how infamous I have become amoung my friends who throw tarot cards for me. I'm rather difficult to read for. When about 90% of the time I have at least 1 major arcana and 1 court card in any given reading, including the simple 3 card spreads, it's a little hard for me.

Today, I did a reading and this is what I got:
3 of Staves Reversed: The card represents the critical factor for the issue at hand. Three of Staves (Virtue), when reversed: Dishonesty and conflict in affairs.

Part of the trick to reading tarot cards is to listen to your intuition. Part of the trick is to think about it in the context of what you are reading about and look for a vital part of the image that speaks to you about the matter.

As I looked at the card, I remembered the story of how Jason got the golden fleece. But before that struck me, there was one other thing.

The lies that had been told to me are being revealed as such. Lies about my value as a person. Lies about the supposed lack of strength to my chracter. And lies about if I am truly loved. And I'm facing some internal conflict over that.

The conflicts will be resolved as I confront the lies. And oddly enough, the conflicts that surround me that are encouraged by those lies, those will go away too. On one hand, conflict is not a good thing because it is painful and scary. At the same time, it is a good thing because it's clearing away the problems that have piled up infront of me and is making way for the truth to shine through.

I'll take a little internal conflict over living a life of lies any day of the week, despite how much I grumble over it.

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