The Value of Chaos: Hail Eris & Loki.

Those of you who know me will realize that I've just comitted an a-typical act and mentioned deties that I usually will attempt to avoid to do so by any cost. Why, you ask?

Mentioning the names of these gods is generally an invocation and something of an invitation for them to vsit me. Having the gods of Chaos visit you can make for an interesting time. Though when rituals manage to include everything from the self-admitted pyromaniac burning themselves, stoves attempting to blow up, the ritual feast turning into a drinking game, and general mayhem, I find interesting is an understatement.

Eris has taken it upon herself to bless my home with chaos. It's been generally inspiriational as much of my recent writing has shown. I think since she's been exerting her influence I have done more painting, sketches, and poetry then I have in years. While my home is something of a study in domestic chaos due to laundry, projects, and dishes, it's become fertile ground for my husband and I to engage in our persuits.

Loki has brought general mayhem in his wake, as per usual. He visits frequently, even if I don't invoke him. At the same time, there has been a great deal more laughter in my home. That's by no means a bad thing. I may be tripping over stuff more often, but I'm now laughig more. And my husband has been laughing more and seems less stressed. On the whole, it's brought good things. Though much weirdness has ensued as well.

Chaos is not only a force like hail on fresh planted fields or that random storm that makes life difficult for us. Chaos is also what allows for chemical reactions to take place and keep life existing. It is the creative element in it's rawest form. It can also be a marvelous blessing.

In short, it is magic. And for it, I am thankful.

Even if I don't admit it too often.

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