Book of Prophecy: I

The items that fall under the heading Book of Prophecy are things that were told to me via visions and clairauditory experiences. As I am a mystic, these things happen on a fairly regular basis. To quote the Charge of the Goddess: Hear Now the Words of the Goddess

I am the Mother. My names are infinite, but always, I am the Mother eternal. All this is and ever shall exist are a part of me. The universe is bound to me as an infant who is growing within the womb. To some, I was impregnated by a consort who is eternal. To others, I birthed myself through will and by this I did birth the universe. Both of these are true.

I am the Maiden, my heart a tremble with emotion and I am a mystery to all who seek me. I am the child born of myself. I am the newborn psyche and the developing psyche before conceiving the maiden. To some, I am the laughing girl-child of spring. To others, I am the chaste huntress of my mate. Either of these can be true, for I am both the child and mother.

I am the Crone. I am the Bone-mother and iniatrix. I am the midwife to the mother, the teacher of the maiden, and the mother after birthing her child. I am the fairy maiden, youthful of form and ageless in spirit. All know me in names whispered, most powerful and enigmatic is that of death. All who fear me fail to see me as I am. For in transformation, I am the Mother.

There are many who say that I am not the creatrix. Some believe that all that esist are a result of a creator. I am sorrowed for them because they fail to see that I show myself to the universe in many guises. My true form is so vast that not the greatest of minds and spirits can comprehend its way. To do so is to know the eternal ways and forms of the universe, a matter that is continually changing for I am the mother. I always birth new life into the universe.

Many of my children seek to know me as the mother. They look for me in many places but fail to see that they are but a part of me and they have known me for all their lives. As the Wiccans have said, "See me within for I have been with you always and I shall be attained at the end of desire." These are lessons that many forget because they are quite simple lessons. The mind is often so enrapt with complexities in this age that it dismisses the simple as unimportant. It is vital to embrace a simple path of life for it frees the mind to play in its puzzles and celebrate life in simple joy.

Because my children are in need, I shall guide them. While these are the words of a woman, I impart my lesson through her. She is a teacher who brings my schooling to all who would listen. There are important guidelines and basic lessons that must be given. Often, my children argue over whose magic is "right" and over whose worship is "right." This sorrows me. I yearn to correct this and to prevent greater argument. I shall allow this child to interpret my words and bear with them the blessing of my peace. She fears because my hand rests heavily on my brow, but her voice is sweet and strong.

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