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[quote=*SiRiUs* Bright_Star;2762523]Yuli: you seem to know much about backwards societies and cultures...

One final note on Yuli's argument and your response to it, Sirius. Archeological evidence and anthropological studies have repeatedly proven this argument.

Sacrifice means sacred. The term is misunderstood by killing an animal or person. And yes, the flesh is not the offering when making rituals... but the "BLOOD" (bodies and blood are sacred things to evil spirits).

I heard screamings yesterday evening.

As my sarcasm has been branded as offensive by several individuals, I will refrain from responding with sarcasm to your statement "I heard screamings yesterday evening." I will say, however, that this statement makes no logical sense and does not support your argument. As such, it is disregarded as a non-sequitor. I have already addressed the terms sacrifice and sacred.

To your statements specifically regarding blood magic, I ask:

1. What experience do you have in performing blood magic, non-specific to ritual or lack thereof?

2. You state that the primary focus of rituals where in an animal or person are offered in sacrifice is not the flesh but the blood. What evidence can you present to support this argument? Is this the result of your personal experience in performing sacrifice? Is this statement the result of your study of such acts?

3.You state "Bodies and blood are sacred things to evil spirits." If what you state is correct, then the deities pertaining to healing and sexuality (to name but a few) are then evil spirits and not deities at all? And I presume that by logical extention, any and all rites involving bodies, blood and potentially all other bodily fluids or components are evil as well? Thus the tantric practices are evil, not to mention any and all non-sexual practices that focus upon the body, bodily fluids, or bodily components. As well as any and all non-ritual and non-religious magic focusing upon these things?

Your blanket statement leads one to logically conclude that the only form of worship and ritual that is not evil would be in denial of the body and it's components, if not oppressive to those who engage in worship practices praising such things. I sincerely hope that you are not promoting such a mindset and worldview. This would be most unfortunate, as it is the precice perspective that many accuse Christianity of having and have begun practicing pagan beliefs to escape.

I am assuming that you would inturn demand that I answer my own questions to you, there by proving the grounds I have to challenge your statements and any authority with which I am speaking. As such:

Originally Posted by cydira
1. What experience do you have in performing blood magic, non-specific to ritual or lack thereof?

I have roughly a decade of experience performing magic that includes, but is not limited to: necromancy, blood magic, aura and energy manipulation, earth magic (the use of gems, stones, and soil in ritual magic), roughly 17 different forms of divination, sympathetic magic (using poppets, photographs, and items belonging to the person in question), vocal incantations, fire magic (the use of flame and the act of burning in ritual magic), and vocal incantations.

My experiences in blood magic have included:
1. Ritual blood sacrifice
2. Non-ritual blood sacrifice
3. Ritual bodily fluid sacrifice
4. Non-ritual bodily fluid sacrifice
5. Animal sacrifice (lethal and non-lethal)
6. Human sacrifice (non-lethal)
7. Insect sacrifice (lethal)
8. Sympathetic blood sacrifice
9. Sacrifice of plant sap and material

I include the sacrifice of plant sap and material under the heading of blood sacrifice as they are the bodily components and fluids of another lifeform. The lethal animal sacrifice was a non-ritual event, tied to the use of a mousetrap and intended to banish all mice and vermin from the premise of my home. The insect sacrifice was that of mosquitos for the purpose of removing them from the premises where in I live and reduce their attentions where I travel. I have personally been the "victim" of a non-lethal human sacrifice multiple times. I also have been the supplicant of a non-lethal human sacrifice. All blood magic and magic involving bodily fluids I have participated in, I also contributed to.

Aside from my personal experience, I also have studied the use and execution of ritual practices involving this form of magic for several years. I have reviewed multiple anthropological studies discussing this matter, dates of these studies ranging from the early 19th century to within the last three years. I also have reviewed archeological studies of these ritual practices for Western Europe, specifically the regions of the Hyberdies isles and places populated by the Celtic and Germanic tribes. I've been endevoring to also deconstruct the mythology of these peoples to understand these ritual practices, among others.

This is where my authority upon this subject comes from.

My findings upon the matter of these ritual practices are presented in my next post.

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