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Blood magic

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2. You state that the primary focus of rituals where in an animal or person are offered in sacrifice is not the flesh but the blood. What evidence can you present to support this argument? Is this the result of your personal experience in performing sacrifice? Is this statement the result of your study of such acts?

As I am not of the same perspective as you, Sirius, I must adapt this question as follows:
What is the primary focus of rituals involving the sacrifice of the body and bodily components?
What I have been able to determine via study is:

1. The use of the bodily components (blood, hair, nail clippings, etc.) of another person can tailor the spell being worked to action specifically upon that person.

2. The use of blood in rituals has a high affinity for agressive magic because of the cultural association placed between these. If the practitioner overcomes the culturally conditioned association, the use of blood in agressive spells has little if any conclusive differences compared to the use of blood in non-agressive spells.

3. There is a high degree of affinity between the use of bodily components in magic and all forms of magic that has an effect upon the body. This appears to be by virtue of what they are.

4. The use of animal or plant sacrifice in rituals focusing upon humans is inconclusive. Inital results make me inclined to state that it detracts the practitioner from focusing upon the person and should be replaced with poppets.

5. The use of bodily components in any form of magic is not the factor by which the success of any given spell is determined by. That is the focusing of the practitioner's mind upon the spell. The use of bodily components are only useful as props and aids to focusing the mind of the practitioner.

6. The primary focus of spells wherein bodily components or bodies are used is not the components of the spell but upon the stated goal of the spell.

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