Discordian sermon - There is no Justice.

There is no justice in this world aside from what we create in it. Causial systems such as karma are artificial constructs that attempt to impose justice upon the universe's unfeeling chaos. Where is the justice for the marmoset eaten by a preditor or the bird robbed of it's nest? There is none because all is lawlessness unless we impose it. Beat the dingo for each marmoset it eats, you will stop it from eating marmosets. But you will have done injury to the dingo and deprived it of it's food source, perhaps a greater injustice.

It only make sense that our lady Eris's daughter is Dysnomia, Lawlessness. In time, we may even see the fundamental laws of our universe proven false and that matter or/and energy are actually being destroyed somewhere-in this universe, or something else equally Lovecraftian in it's implications. But in the face of this horrible truth, more hideious than any that may have been revealed thus far by the Good Reverend Roger, there is hope.

Eris came to me in a vision and held up Genghis Khan's dirty laundry, more specifically his Mickey Mouse boxers (only old school Mickey on navy blue silk in a diaper pattern will do for god's Scourge). On this fabric was written a message:

Your righteous indignation is good. It is right and proper. Go forth and bring justice to the world. If you were to live as animals you would not be men but apes.

You require order to some degree. Get over yourselves. You're hard wired for it for a reason. If all were nothing but chaos, the universe would never have cooled to permit matter. Get over it and get to work.

I was then thrown into consciousness to deliver this.