Truths from Meditation (1/22/03)

It is vital to remember that all life is sacred in all its forms. Thus, you are sacred and important. Be compassionate to yourself; you are failable, but the wise accept their limitations. Do not punish yourself for past errors, percieved or real. Accept them as part of the learning process, forgive yourself, and move forward. If you change the past, you lose the good and the bad of today. Do not sit and worry about tomorrow, for you are wasting today. We have no influence over the past and we've yet to create the future, therefore, forcus on today.

Religion is built up in layers. The first is our actions. The second is our attitudes. The third is our thoughts. Finally, we have our spirit. To be balanced, we must maintain health in all these places. It is only with blance that we can plumb the mentaphysical depths of any religion.

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