Gardening & Domestic Magic

As kitchen witch, I have many areas that magic is applied outside of the ritual circle. In my kitchen, for example, I use a lot of magic with my cooking. I bless food to bring health and well being to those who consume it. I will use herbs based on their magical associations in addition to their culinary uses. I (try) to incorporate home blessing magic into all of the cleaning that goes on in the kitchen. A simple pot of chicken soup turns into a powerful 'potion' for healing when you add a little magic. And like any spice, a little magic can go a very long way.

I have also been busy at work striving to employ magic in my gardening. Unlike some other lucky souls, I haven't the space for a big flower bed, vegetable bed, or herb bed. The majority of what I am growing is in pots arranged to get the most sunlight as possible on the back deck. I have a small flower bed that only gets sun in the late afternoon. A few other flowers in pots with some houseplants, and that's the extent of what I can do for gardening. I work, however, to make each thing I am growing or dealing with in my gardening have as many uses as possible.

It is the act of incorporating as many facets of use into my magic that, in my opinion, sets me a part from more ceremonially oriented witches. Kitchen witches don't frequently have the time, resources, or inclination to use a vast array of specialized anything. You will find that our favorite tea cup doubles as a chalice, the favorite knife in the knife block is also the athame, and instead of a crystal studded wand, we use a wooden spoon.

Each item in our home has a potential magical use. I believe that this makes our lives more full of magic. I believe this makes it easier for us to access our magical abilities and more inclined to do so when the situation could call for them. It may be planting according to the moon phase or sowing blessings with each seed, but gardening can be just as big of a source of magical blessings as cooking. I, however, am a little bit biased.

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