Witchlings and kidlets.

Full Candles Moon (Age: 15 days)
Sign: Virgo
Weather: Unseasonably warm, cloudy, 
coming winter storm
It is a challenging thing to engage my two boys in spiritual education. A part of me says that they're too young to be learning about such things. Another part of me says that they would benefit from the lessons in self awareness and ecology that comes with a pagan upbringing. When these two parts get into conflict, the result is one very frustrated Momma witch. 

I look at what other pagan parents are doing and I confess a touch of envy. Their children are doing little projects and crafty things. Getting my boys to sit down long enough to read a story is a task and a half. They just barely held their interest long enough to participate in the 'wishing candle' that we did last month. It is a struggle to tailor everything to their unique learning needs.

I'm desperately thankful for the fact that they've got professionals assisting them at school and for the progress they are making. I am striving to do the 'child lead' learning thing on this front but it is difficult. I'm attempting to resolve this with working on some child friendly books but I don't know how well they're going to go over with the boys. Not being sure how your audience will receive something is a rather awful feeling for any kind of artist.

I found some good ideas on About.com and I like the concept of getting the kids involved with rituals. They're very concrete in their thinking right now. Gods are a rather abstract concept. I'm striving to teach them to be gentle with plants and respectful of animals. I'd like to do a ritual but I don't know where to start. Looking at all of these wonderful ideas that other pagan parents have posted and I get frustrated.

Most of the ideas are great for children who are a bit more complex in their thinking then my boys. I want to get the involved but I don't know how. Add to this I am not sure how to approach the current 'Filianic Lent' season. I'm trying to pare down that which is not essential to my life and purify myself of unhealthy thought forms. I'm doing my best to wrap up the 'old business' from the last season. 

My book of prayers for Dea is closer to being ready for publication. My children's manuscript of myths is in the final organization state. I start writing in the immediate future. I have various handcraft projects that I'm finishing up and generally doing my best to get everything ready for spring. I'm not sure how much else I'm going to find myself doing between now and the Equinox. I do what I can with what I have.


PBP: Week 7: C - Contemplation

I just realized I mixed up the letters for the two weeks. I don't think that makes too big of a difference, however. After all, I am the only one keeping score on that front.

Contemplation is the other half of prayer. Prayer is vocalization of what we wish to express to the Divine. It is also the ability to 'listen' for their response. Deep consideration of what our intuition tells us, coincidental events in our lives, and the general chain of causality that follows on the heels of our prayer is what is known as contemplation. I strongly urge any and everyone to engage in it. Sometimes it helps us to find the answers to the questions we have and sometimes it helps us to find the hand of the Divine in our lives.

PBP: Week 6: D - Determination

Determination is the ability to dig your heels in and stick with what you have chosen to do. It is 'keeping your shield up' and pushing forward through adversity. Not enough people are willing to recognize the power in such a simple thing as determination. It is what makes the world keep going.

1 Year Covered!

Waxing Candles Moon (Age: 4 days)
Sign: Ares
Weather: Unseasonably warm, fair/partly cloudy skies
So, it occurred to me today, this month marks the end of a full year of wearing a head covering. Looking back over the year, I've come to a few conclusions.

  1. Tichel styles are easy and look fantastic, with the right kind of scarf. Pashmina scarves do NOT work well for this type of look. And most of the square scarves I own are just shy of the right size to use for this. I need to correct this at some point in time.
  2. Hijab-ish styles are easier then they look. They are exceptionally comfortable. Also, people in my area do not have as negative of a reaction to it as I had expected. There were some asshats (as there always are) but people have generally raised an eyebrow at most.
  3. I need to wear something with a bit of height to it or I come out looking like a cancer patient. 
  4. I have an almost unholy love of pashminas. Adapting tichel styles for use with them is NOT easy, but I am going to find away to do some of the tichel styles I love and flatter me!
  5. Having my head covered has proven quite soothing in the face of anxiety and social phobia. I have also found that this is most effective with scarves tied relatively snug and layers. Hats, on the other hand, are not as much my style.
  6. I do not feel right unless I have 90% of my hair covered when out in public.
I've reached the end of a year of head covering and I still feel pulled to do so. I wasn't sure if this was going to last a few months, let alone a year. Since engaging on this journey, I have found that covering my hair has served to help me focus and to give me something of a sense of protection when I go into unfamiliar places. This was not something that I had expected either.

I have also found that in taking this step, I have given myself permission to explore other aspects of my spirituality. I am also finding that I have a great deal more confidence in myself and what my intuition tells me. It has lead to deeper and more profound (and productive) spiritual contact with the deities I follow. On the whole, this has brought me health, happiness, and general well being. It has been a change for the better and I am going to stick with it.


An Invocation for Imbolc

This is also from the late 1990s.

Thrice blessed are you, Wise Brigid
Oh you, who granted the Bard his song
Oh you, who gifted the Druid his potent medicine
Oh you who has given the Smith his art
Keeper of the cauldron of knowledge
Guide my hand, oh Wise Brigid
Let my words be wise and true
Fill me with the blessed fire of inspiration
Aid me, Blessed Brigid, so I may learn the sacred mysteries of Truth

Channeled wisdom.

A collection of channeled material from 1997-1999.


A sound body and mind lends itself to a sound spirit. A sound body is healthy, clean, and strong. A sound mind is free from the doubts that encourage self harm, hungers for knowledge, and filled with creative fire. From these elements is a sound spirit forged.

Greet the day with joy and gratitude. Greet the night with tranquility and reflection. By this way do you begin to have peace. Live your life with a sense of wonder and a keen knowledge of the joys given to you. Even the smallest thing is a magical wonder to treasure.

Self-empowerment comes in many forms. Complete the smallest task in your day and take pride in the work, and that you performed to the best of your ability. You shall quickly find that by doing this the largest of tasks are the easiest and you can succeed despite any odds.

Every day, set a challenge and meet it. Each day, take time to remember your past. And each day, plan for tomorrow. Always grow and make time every day to learn something new. Constructive imbalance moves the wheel forward, destructive imbalance moves it back.

Magic is a way of thought, action, and worship. Everything within and about you is magic. Rejoice in the quickening of life in all points, even in death.

To heal, one must hold the will to survive and life. To hold the will, one must have a reason within themselves. That reason is courage; think as a warrior, live with courage.

Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder. Beauty is in the soul and it radiates outward, reflected in form and grace. It captivates the eye, mind, and heart of the beloved more certainly then any spell craft. From this captivation grows love. Love is its own magic, its own way. It has always been with you and yet it is always newly discovered. Such is the way of true magic, both simple and complex. Love is truth in its infinite reflections. Fear not its might, for it protects you from the harshest of blows.

Speak truth of your hear with out far. Truth shall shelter and protect you from harm. With simple words and honest ways, all things can be righted and the balance restored. At the end of it all, great things will have been achieved with out effort.

Follow your joy as you do your passion. Return to your place of power and find your joy. Cling to it as you would to a plank in the ocean. Let the truth's currents shape your path. They shall aid you in your joy and destiny. Fate's price has been paid.

Magic is the art of transformation.

Trance writings circa 1997

I don't even remember writing this. I found it in with some old sketches from high school. I think this is from 1997, but I'm not entirely sure. Either way, I'm slapping it up here. Tranced writing sometimes is interesting and sometimes it is bland.


I am the Mother. My names are infinite, but always, I am the Mother eternal. All that is and ever shall exist are a part of Me. The universe is bound to Me as an infant who is growing within the womb. To some, I was impregnated by a consort. To others, I birthed myself through will and by this did I birth the universe. Both of these are true.

I am the Maiden, my heart trembling with emotion and I am a mystery to all who seek me. I am the child born of myself. I am the newborn psyche and the developed psyche before conceiving the child. To some, I am the laughing girl-child of Spring. To others, I am the chaste huntress of my mate. Either of these can be true, for I am both the child and mother.

I am the Crone. I am the bone-mother and iniatrix. I am the midwife of the mother, the teacher of the maiden, and the mother after birthing her child. I am the fairy maiden, youthful of form and ageless in spirit. All know me in names whispered, most powerful and enigmatic is that of death. All who fear me fail to see me as I am. For in transformation, I am the mother.

There are many who say that I am not the creatrix. Some believe that all that exist is a result of a creator. I am sorrowed for them because they fail to see that I show myself to the universe in many guises. My true form is so vast that not the greatest of minds and spirits can comprehend its way. To do so it to know the eternal ways and forms of the universe, a matter that is continually changing for I am the mother. I always birth new life into the universe.

Many of my children seek to know me as the mother. They look for me in many places but fail to see that they are but a part of me and that they have known me for all their lives. As the Wiccians have said, "Seek me within for I have been with you always and I shall be attained at the end of desire."

There are lessons that many forget because they are quite simple lessons. The mind often is so entrapped with complexities in this age that it dismisses the simple as unimportant. It is vital to embrace a simple path of life for it frees the mind to play in its puzzles and to celebrate life in simple joy.

Because my children are in need, I shall guide them. While these are the words of a woman, I impart my lesson through her. She is a teacher who brings my schooling to all who would listen.