Letters to Loki No. 31 (untitled)

Dear Loki,

I have been running in circles since my last letter trying to get everything done with getting The Dragon Child of Evandar to press. I'm at the point where the hard cover copies are out and available for purchase via Lulu.com and the paperback should be ready about the same time as the e-book. If everything works out right with that, it should be next week. I'm honestly nervous about all of this.

I know that you, Odin, and Freyr all want me to aggressively pursue making this happen. Looking at what all these 'sell your book' blogs have, I get the unpleasant butterflies in my stomach. It is a lot of meet the public kind of stuff and I get seized with this fear that I am going to make an idiot out of myself. I am going to make the effort, but I am scared. Like Freyr has said, courage is doing something despite the fear. As much as I am uncomfortable with this, I want to make it happen even more.

I am at something of a loss for how to proceed forward. These blogs have a laundry list of ideas where one can start. It is rather overwhelming. I feel like I should print the list off and throw a dart to pick where to begin. If you have any suggestions, that would be awesome. It isn't as bad as trying to make sense of the alphabet soup that is the information I've been reading about autism, but it is confusing. I know that I need to get more work out on the world building blog. These book blogs have been talking about posting daily and making regular posts via Twitter and Facebook focused on the work you're producing.

I have two entirely separate things going on and I don't know if just the one Twitter account is going to work well for it. I have my heart behind the fantasy novels but I have the witchery books that I am working on. You and Odin are right, by the way, there appears to be a really good market for 'em. The trick is making my 'brand' known and I'm a bit unsure what my 'brand' is. I'm sort of all over the place right now. How do I focus it all into one thing? I know I'll figure it out eventually. Right now, I am just trying to formulate my plan of attack with all of this.

I'm glad you enjoyed the pickled banana pepper. I still don't get how you insist it goes well with my super sugary coffee. The combination of vinegar with coffee is pretty bad to me but if it works for you, go for it. I made that set of prayer/worry beads like you suggested. They're sitting on the altar right now. I have no idea what to do with them. I have multiple sets and the ones that I made previously for my attempted Etsy shop. If you have someone you want me to send them to, let me know. Oh, one last note, picking the heroic kung fu music to accompany my post is pretty funny. You managed to make me grin with that one. Shufflemancy FTW!

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