How to create a basic talisman.

Waxing Harvest Moon (Age: 9 days)
Sign: Capricorn
Weather: Seasonable, fair skies
Items required:
  • small object that can be carried on one's person or worn
  • blessed salt water
  • lit stick of incense

  1. Hold object in the hand which is used to project energy (most frequently the dominant hand).
  2. Envision the object filling with energy focused upon the purpose of the talisman.
  3. When object feels 'full' pass it through the incense smoke, sprinkle with salt water, and recite incantation.
  4. Carry or wear object regularly in order to use. If you feel it is losing effectiveness, cleanse the object and repeat the ritual.


This [name of object] is blessed with [purpose] energy. It is full and powerful. Let this power be fixed by fire and air. Let this power be fixed by water and earth. As I will, so shall it be.


Incantation can be adapted to different purposes. Keep the lines from "It is full ..." onward. Can include appeal for deities to bless object.

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