Letters to Loki No. 33: Writing it all down.

Dear Silver Tongue,

I have been working on recording all of my spells in one place as you have encouraged me to do so. I'm starting with the ones that I haven't had written down. As I have been working on this, I have come to the conclusion that I know quite a few curses. It is interesting, because I don't use curses very often. Still, they seem to outnumber the other spells.

My love spells are a lot more fancy than the curses. Well, most of the curses. I have one that has quite a few steps. I find myself wondering if the love spells are low on my list of spells because I haven't had to use them very much at all. My healing spells are almost as high in number as my curses, thus far. I am not sure how to classify some of my other spells, however. This business of organizing my magic notes is becoming more complicated with each page.

Either way, however, I will get this done. I hope that I can find more 'happy' spells because thus far the ledger falls more on the unpleasant side.

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