Passing messages along.

I'd use my new format for posts, except this is to some extent a reposting as well.

I've several dear, dear friends who are exceptionally gifted psychics. Stargazer is one who just happens to have a particularly close relationship with me. It seems like when ever I miss a message from the spirits, they let her know and it gets back to me some how. That said, this post is in part an effort to forward the message on and a reminder to myself to verbally convey it as well.

This is from Stargazer:
"She needs to tell Dave to be more careful. It's already dangerous enough, and he's getting reckless. There has been enough."


Yay, I'm running an online business!

So, I've been working on making a little money with my Tarot reading. I finally finished the website for the on-line business. Gods willing, I'll be successful and bring in a little bit more money to help out with the financial affairs here at home.

It does bring to mind the long debate that I had with myself over things like if I am acting in something of an improper way by selling my services. I'll post some of my thoughts on that front when I have a bit more time, however.

Here's the website, dear reader, enjoy!

medication & psychic gifts (reposted)

As you may have seen in my earlier post, I am on antidepressants and I'm psychic. This isn't the first time that I've been on these. While it may seem odd to some folks, I can't help but say that the foods and medications that I put into my body do have an effect upon my psychic abilities. I could see some of the skeptics say that what I think is my intuition telling me something is wrong would prove a mere case of indigestion, but that is a different topic altogether from what I'd like to discuss.

As a psychic and a kitchen witch, I recognize the necessity to keep close watch over your health and well being. If I'm not healthy, I can't use my skills to their fullest potential and I can't exactly do well in "mundane" areas. {Now, all y'all who are psychic, can you please point to where the "mundane" areas are, because I can't seem to find any? ;) } That's just a matter of common sense. When we get sick and need to take medicine, we know that it affects our bodies and they obviously affect our minds. Cold medicines and pain medications will carry warning labels that one should not operate heavy machinery. Other medications warn us to limit exposure to direct sunlight and then we're advised to maintain a diet that doesn't include alcohol.

These are but a few examples of a list that's far longer then I think even the pharmaceutical companies realize detailing the effects of medications on our bodies and concerns we need to keep in mind. Even herbal remedies can have side-effects and these are things we need to keep in mind also. For example, if one were to use foxglove tea, they'd need to take great care not to introduce other things that place strain upon the kidneys and liver, for digitalis is generally fairly hard on those organs.* All of this said, what exactly can we say is the effect of medications on our psychic abilities?

As I look back over the years and consider this question I have a few things that I need to note. Perhaps others who have psychic abilities can contribute their thoughts here, so we can clarify this matter to some extent. I have found that narcotic medications for pain and medications to induce sleep generally tend to inhibit my psychic abilities. The narcotics seem to have the strongest effect, generally serving to "shut off" just about all of them.

The SSRIs that I have taken for anxiety and depression over the years all generally served to slow down how quickly psychic impressions come to me. The one that does this the least also appears to be the only one that has successfully worked in helping me with these problems.

Most herbaly based remedies for pain (such as raspberry tea for menstrual cramps) don't generally affect my psychic gifts.

I'm certain there are more but I can't think of them at the moment and my son has decided that he's finished his nap. When I recall more, I'll post on them as well.

*The use of Digitalis purpurea should be only under the supervision and guidance of a skilled herbalist and with the consultation of a licensed pharmacist and medical doctor


The Beloved and the Betrothed

Waxing Ice Moon, sign of Gemini
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Some may question how love fits into the life of witches. For some witches, their relationships are monogamous and for others they're polygamous. Social pressure around us frequently encourages us to remain in monogamous relationships.

This will be completed at a later date.