Ostara 2013 & Easter

Blessed Ostara everyone.

To my sisters in the Filianic faith, I wish you all a most blessed Easter. I sit here on the day of the Equinox and I look at my life. I think about the promise of the season and the good that I have. The wheel of life turns and we march forward towards that warmth and abundance, even despite the snow flying through the air in my neck of the woods today. Soon, it will be the time of the Christian celebration of Easter and the other spring season celebrations (Jewish Passover, Holi, etc.) of the world.

While I sit here yearning for green things, I pause a moment to consider the rites of this season. The Blessed Daughter, Inanna/Anna goes down into the land of the dead. I penned the following prayer/poem upon this very matter.

Lo, lament my sisters
For Dea's sorrow is upon us
The silver moon wanes
The seas hath swallowed the rivers
And all life has gone still
Darkness descends
And the stars have gone dark
Cover your faces and weep
For the light has gone out of the world
No fire may be kindled
No arms embrace in love
All is drowned in darkness and sorrow
Let us mourn
For She has gone from us
Into the lands of Death
Were no joy may follow
Weep, my sisters,
Inanna hath gone down into Hel
To the cold queen's hall
Where none may escape

Oddly enough, I feel that the death of Inanna is not contrary to the mythos of the Norse/Teutonic deities. It is simply another story that touches upon the tangled skein of the fates of the Nine Worlds. I am also of the mind that there are more then Nine Worlds, but it's a topic for a different day. Where the Filianic description of Hel is different then the Norse/Teutonic, it is merely a different version of the old stories where one dies and then is reborn.

Ing has died and now he is to rise up reborn with the grain. New shoots of life will rise up from the fertile soil. We turn from the death that has laid low the Blessed Ones to the new life that comes of that death. I truly believe that with that new life, there is the promise of reincarnation. Fertile fields will be ploughed and seed will be cast into them. Birds will produce eggs and animals will bear young. Life will rise triumphant over adversity.

In this, I find hope.  And so, I share this prayer/poem with you as well.

Lift up your voices in song!
Give praise for the day!
Our Lady liveth
And hath set all to right in the world!
The stream runneth to the sea
And the stars chart their courses in the sky.
Angels sing glories
As the birds wing on high!
All of nature proclaims her
Queen of All Eternity.
Our Lady's Mother on high!
Let us give praise.
Let us raise our voices in joyous cry!
All praise to Our Lady
And her thrice blessed Mother!

These prayers are part of a manuscript soon to be published. I will make note of the details of this publication in the immediate future. Until then, blessed be! <3 br="">


Honoring my Ancestors.

Waxing Sap Moon (Age: 5 Days)
Sign: Gemini
Weather: Cold, partly cloudy
I seek to honor my ancestors. They are important to me because they are my heritage and because if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be walking the green Earth today. I started out thinking that if I remembered them at special occasions that it would be appropriate. Simple little things, like lighting a candle and saying a prayer for their well being, seemed to be a good thing to do.

Then, things began to change in my life. I found myself drawn to things like spinning and knitting. I realized that it wasn't just my curiosity or something similar prompting me to do these things. It was a keen desire to understand what my forefathers and foremothers did. One thing lead to another and now I find myself working to master handcrafts that were the cornerstone of their households.

I am drawn to 'heritage' cooking techniques (food preservation techniques, bread making skills, and old recipes from before WWI, for example). I am increasingly looking to simplify and be come more efficient as a housewife. I am actively moving towards incorporating homeschooling in my children's education. I have started attempting to keep a garden (as best I can manage in pots right now) and I am actively learning more about the plants in my area.

I'm not just doing this because I want to learn more (though that is part of my draw here). I am doing this in the attempt to preserve the knowledge that built my family. I want to make sure that I pass down to the next generations how to do things like make their own bread and what is the best way to mend old socks. Because I feel it is important that they have a sense of their roots.

It's not just a genealogy chart to look at or a coat of arms to hang on the wall. It's a living thing that is precious and must be cherished, lest this wonderful thing be lost. Family is more then the people who you are related to. It is the old stories passed down, the lullaby that has been sung to seven generations of children, the apple pie recipe that won the ribbon at the county fair in 1943. It is also what we do today to make our families stronger. 

Someday, I will be one of the foremothers of the family. I want to make sure that what I pass down is worthy of that special honor. Thus, I cultivate my strengths, preserve the wisdom of the family, and attempt to forge new traditions that will continue to keep my kinsmen in health and wellness.