Salem: thoughts


At the same time, it makes me take a step back and look at it.

I wonder how many of the witches and wiccans out there would look at this little flash presentation and say every victim was a witch.

I wonder how many would say that these sad souls were victims.

I wonder how many would be willing to point out which of those two statements was the truth.

The greatest crime of the Burning Times wasn't the death of witches.

It was bigotry, hatred, and the abuse of power for the power's own sake.

No matter what you believed.


Late post for the Blossom Moon

Well, I've finally done and put it down in writing.

I wrote out all of the promises that I made to myself. Signed on the dotted line and now I have a contract with myself witnessed by the Gods.

It's targeted at more then just the whole matter of keeping to my diet. Though I did add that item to the list. I've been recognizing that I'm back sliding into a whole host of bad habits. Not a good thing when you're working to become healthy in mind, body, and spirit. So I've been working through the Simple Abundance program of self exploration (again) and trying to keep my focus on self actualization.

Links like the ones below give you a good idea of what my focus is right now:

I want to be healthy.

Last I checked, that's kinda part of the whole doing no harm to oneself. Keeping yourself healthy and breaking the bad habits that don't allow you to be healthy.