What have the Gods done for me?

Waxing Sap Moon (Age: 9 days)
Sign: Cancer
Weather: Warm, fair skies, flood 
watch due to snow melt
The lovely and admirable Galina Krasskrova posted a series of questions on her blog at her website. In an effort to post more frequently on here, I will be using these questions as blog prompts. There may be some cross posting between this blog and Veiled Witch. It is my hope to be updating according to the moon phase. Right now, however, I wanted to make up for a bit of lost time by posting today. Another post will come on the full moon as well.

What wealth have the divinities brought into your life?

Oh my goodness, I have no idea where to begin answering this question. Pretty much all of the good that has come into my life has been either the direct fruit of the work of the Gods or something I have done as a result of their urgings. I think the first of all the list to come to mind is my very life. I was in a terrible relationship in high school. The young man in question was physically and emotionally abusive. After an incident where he had raped me, I missed my period. Looking back on all of that now and what happened to my body, I now realize that I was pregnant.

The God took me into his arms a short time after I realized this and I miscarried. This miscarriage happened at the same time I realized that I could not stay with this young man (whom had asked me to marry him and planned on giving me an engagement ring when he came home from basic training for service in the Navy) because he was going to kill me some day. The abuse continued to escalate with him as time went on, you see, it started out with comments and then progressed to sexual abuse. And then the sexual abuse began to include things like him threatening me with a hunting knife and telling me that he was going to carve me up if I left him.

I honestly believe that this realization and miscarriage saved my life. I am most sincerely certain that they were a result of the Gods actions in my life. Additionally, I believe that their intervention is why I graduated college. I had an exam for a class that I was in danger of failing that I needed to pass in order to graduate. A freak hailstorm happened at the time I was working on my exam. I then found out later that I not only passed the class (which I had assumed had to have been by the skin of my teeth when my professor announced this to me) but that I had passed the exam with a perfect score.

I also attribute the fact that my little book has been successful to the Gods as well. It was at their encouragement that I wrote it. It was also as fulfillment of a promise that I published it. To not only have learned that my little book has been helpful to others but that it has been cited in scholarly material, it has left me completely astounded and profoundly grateful.


Storytime with Loki

Waxing Sap Moon (Age: 4 Days)
 Sign: Taurus
Weather: Cloudy, intermittent light snow,
seasonable temps

So, Loki told me a story today. It involves him, Bragi, and Sága. Here's the story, who knows how it will be viewed by the community at large.

There once was a skald with a terrible problem stuttering. His problem was so severe it threatened to rob him of his livelihood. In deep anguish, the skald turned to the gods and begged them for aid. First he went to Sága. Sága took honey and put it upon his lips. The skald went about his work and found that his stutter remained.

The skald went to Bragi and begged him for help. Bragi caught and gave him the blood of nine songbirds to drink. The skald went about his work. Much to his despair, the stutter continued.

In desperation, the skald called upon Loki. Loki came to him in his home. He took up a hot coal from the fire and pressed it to the skald's lips. The sklad jumped up with a shout and demanded to know why Loki harmed him. And then he realized, much to his amazement, his stutter was gone. And that stutter remained gone for the rest of his life.