A recurring dream/vision.

Moon Phase: Waning, Gibbous Moon
Moon Sign: Sagitarius
Weather: Cold, moderately cloudy


I occasionally will have visions of things. Sometimes, my ancestors will come to me in them and tell me things or give me tasks to do. There are times where I can make sense of them quickly. Othertimes, I may over complicate them in my efforts to make sense of them. This, I suspect, is the case in the one that I present below. This has been a recurring dream in the midst of the dreams of nonsense. This dream, however, has been particularly clear. I know that there is a message here. I just can not make sense of it.

Now, to place a bit of context here. I am dreaming of the native american women to whom I am related. One is my great-great-great grandmother, a Souix medicine woman. The other is her grandmother. They are related to me on my mother's side of the family. They've come to me at other times with answers to major questions or information. They've also taught me things as well. All of this said, here is the vision that I have been struggling with. Please, some one, help me make sense of it.
I am walking on a dirt path thru a forest. It is late Spring/early Summer. The air smells wet and heavy, though the Earth is dry. I believe it will rain sometime later. The walking stick in my hand is warm and my sandals are uncomfortable because my feet are mildly swollen. Ahead of me on the path, she is waiting as she always is. On her stern face, however, is a smile. She is proud of me for struggling up this far and actually showing it on her face, rather then a curt nod of approval.

The baby is squirming in his sling across my shoulders. He's secure, so I am not worried. I think we may need to run, but I don't know. The ground here is uneaven. The soil has a red color to it, smells strongly of clay. I think I'm in western Georgia, but I'm not sure. This place never seems to have any firm indications of where it is, except for the forest, mountains, and the humidity. Ahead of us is the village. Nothing here has changed in the years of having visions of this place. Grandmother has come out of her home. She never does that. But now, here she is, standing in the sunlight with her steel grey hair gleaming in the dappled light.

She is also smiling. It is a plesant surprise, but I am now wondering why they are smiling. I walk up to her and embrace her. She nods and claps me on the shoulder before pointing up to the top of the hill (mountian? what is this place? I've had dreams and visions of being here and I just don't know!). I turn and begin walking up the path and they walk with me. It is silent, but they've never been ones to idly chatter. As we walk, I see that there is a large stone outcropping up here. The stone is flint and remains jagged and sharp, despite countless years of weather wearing at it.

I'm motioned over to the edge of it and told to sit. They sit beside me and point away off to the East. There, on the horizon, I see open green fields turning to sand. Among them, people are flailing, covered in bugs. Various stinging and biting insects swarm over them. I'm told that this is what is coming and that pure, clean water will help prevent this from coming into my home.

They then point off to the West. There, the horizion appears as though there is a sunset, but all in shades of red. Away, as far as the eye can see, there is bare bedrock in an uneaven broken sheet. Animals and people are fleeing as this barrenness spreads, spurred on by wind. Where the sun would be setting, there is a point of darkness. It is almost oily black, but it has a depth with out luster. Within it, there is a figure of a darker black walking forward. All of this spawns forward with each step.

They then point to the North. Snow and wind blind me for a moment. Then, I can see children playing, shreiking and screaming with laughter. The air is so cold that it takes my breath from me and my lungs burn. The snow falls faster and faster, piling up higher. Soon, the children are no longer laughing but crying. They want to come in out of the cold, but can not for they are lost in the snow. The places where their footprints were in the snow are filled in and swept clean by the wind.

Then, they point to the South. I'm told to watch and not say a word. I see smoke. I can smell inscence, I believe it is frankinscense, but I am not sure. It is heavy and cloying, I can taste it on my tounge. A woman is groaning and crying out. Her belly is huge and her head is hanging down as she lies back on an odd looking chair. Her feet are raised and her shoulders are as well. It as though she is sitting in a crouch, like a hospital bed with stirrups for labor or a gynecologial exam. The chair is made of red wood, almost looking like fresh cut cedar when it is wet. I can not see her face. Her hair is long and twisted. She is coated in sweat and seems to possibly be in labor. I don't know, all I see is her straining to no apparent avail. After a few moments of additional struggle, she leans back and begins to weep and cries out with anger.

Something that is supposed to happen is not happening and she is tired. As a person wearing a turqoise/aqua colored paper mask approaches, she begins to yell at them. "No, don't you dare poison me with those things. You claim they help but they don't! Don't you dare put them in me! Now, get away! Go!" The smoke rises and stings my eyes as it obscures my vision.

Then I see the trees on the hills with their leaves dancing in the breeze. I hear bells and the Grandmother takes my hand and pats it. She kisses my son, who is sleeping, on his forehead. She walks away down the path. My other ancestrix sits by me. She's waiting for me to do or say something. But I don't know what I am supposed to do. Down at my feet, a pregnant mouse comes out of the grass and stares up at me with a large seed in her teeth. She sits up on her hind paws and begins to eat, staring up at me expectantly.


The Beloved and Betrothed.

Moon: Waning Storm Moon, Gibbious
Moon Sign: Virgo
Weather: Cold, partially cloudy with high thin clouds predominant at the moment, light breezes
Some may question how love fits into the life of witches. For some witches, their relationships are monogamous and for others they're polygamous. Social pressure around us frequently encourages us to remain in monogamous relationships. Our hearts may call us in other directions and we may even find ourselves left in a state of conflict.

Here, I need to take a moment to remind any and all Readers, the perspective of witchcraft varies from coven to coven and from tradition to tradition. I also feel it wise to remind you all that the ethics and belief system of witchcraft are different from Christianity and generally those espoused by the population at large of the community where in we live.

This reminder given, I ask that any and all who are in such a state of conflict and practice witchcraft take a moment to look at the things we uphold as holy. We uphold life in all of it's mewling, puking glory to be holy. We uphold love to be holy, even as conflicted and confusing it may be. And, we up hold the body to be holy. In this respect, why must we constrain ourselves to love in any form?

If we feel that monogamy is the correct relationship for us, then we shall engage in it. If we feel that polyamory is correct for us, then we shall engage in it. What is vital here is to be responsible in this setting, for we can not say that we are acting with love and reverence if we are reckless. Our lover(s) must be informed and understand the relationship. This must be a mutual thing, for one person can not be polyamorous and the other monogamous in a given relationship with out a great deal of difficulty if this is not agreed upon. As such, I present the following suggestions:

  1. Regularly check with the person whom you are romantically involved with if they are comfortable, happy, or feel safe. If any of these are not so, pause and determine why. Address the problem and then plan how to proceed forward.
  2. Make certain that all parties with whom you are intimate are in good health. If they are not in good health, take proper measure to ensure the health and safety of yourself and them. This is a form of respect and reverence for the other person(s) involved and the acts you engage in.
  3. Do not do anything that makes you feel unsafe, uncomfortable, or pained in any fashion. These feelings are warnings that something is wrong, so be aware of them. Do communicate them to the people around you. Pause and determine what the cause of this is. Address the problem, and then plan how to proceed forward.
  4. Make a point of regularly expressing the affection you feel for the people you love. The more you express your affection, the more it will be expressed in return. Check to make sure that you are conveying it with the appropriate methods (those that make the target of your expression aware of your feelings in a manner that is safe and they are comfortable with, above all be respectful).
If you look, you will see that there are two themes in my four points of advice. Open and honest communication is one theme. The second is respect. With out these, no amount of love will permit a relationship to be strong. A strong relationship is healthy. These two things are required to maintain the health of your relationship. The more people you add into a relationship, the more this is needed.

Now, to return to my earlier theme: what is the role of love in the life of a witch?

Our romantic pairings (or other groupings) is but one of many expressions of love. Love is in many respects the basis of our actions. This is not in the sense of the Christian community's abstract unconditional love of all. Though it is akin to it in some respects. The love a witch feels is first a love of themselves. This is not narcissism. This love is what's known by many as self-respect. It is here that many, many of our actions are rooted. To disrespect oneself is to disrespect one's divine potential. It is the same as spitting in the face of one's own mother. An act that is distasteful and insulting on a most basic level.

While we all of our struggles with this, we must strive to continually express to ourselves how much we are loved and worthy of love. All are deserving of love. And love has no limitations on it. All love is unconditional. Limitations come from one's efforts to conduct themselves in a manner that will promote love to flourish, much like pruning a rose bush will prove helpful to it's health. Just as love is unconditional, we must recognize that the object of love is not fixed.

This is a point of difference between Christians and witches. We do not fix our hearts upon one thing, for we recognize that love will wax and wane. It is an emotion that we feel to varying degrees of force. We do not strive to express it at full force all the time to all that we possibly can. It is not possible for most to accomplish simply due to the limitations of their lives. Those who can accomplish it are often tormented by the fact that others do not feel it as they do and agonize over how to express it.

In this, we also recognize that relationships are something we choose and engage in on a basis that extends beyond love. Our relationships are also based in our choices. Long term relationships serve a need that is greater then just love, though none is willing to admit it. We may find that we do not desire a life with out a given person in it. As such, we seek to ally ourselves with them in a manner that is appropriate to our relationship with them. If they are our lover, we may choose to wed them. When the times where the force of our love wanes, we have our choice to support our relationship. Here, we can seek our lover's expression of love to us, for it will help kindle our own feelings of love.

It is, however, not their duty to do so. For they too are subject to the tides of their own heart. It is the failure, however, to maintain the relationship that is the cause of dissolutions of marriages and other relationships. If we do not choose to continue to engage in the relationship, the waning of the tide of love for a given person will bring with it the ending of that relationship.

The beloved can be the same person if we work to maintain that relationship. So to is true of the betrothed.

Runemal from the night of the Lunar Eclipse

This is from another blog of mine. I post it here in the hope that the message will reach the person that needs it. This was not as difficult to interpret as the tarot reading from the same night, but it was still surprisingly challenging.


Fate brings two possible scenarios:
1. Impovershed circumstances leading to spiritual wholeness.
2. Joy leading into a loving union.


The physical form continues to struggle in recorrecting the imbalances from the past pregnancy.


A summer pregnancy is ahead. It is not fully anticipated but not unprepared for.


Strength in autumn. Words will be as weapons and honor as a sheild.


Fetters will be released upon needed destruction, though few will understand the chaos. Ride the storm.


Tarot reading from the Lunar Eclipse

Moon Phase: Full Storm Moon Total Lunar Eclipse
Moon Sign: Virgo
Weather: Partially cloudy, cold

Tarot Deck Used: The Witches Tarot from Ellen Cannon-Reed
Spread Used: Celtic Cross with the 3 Card spread as confirmation

Position: Card (R)*, Clarifiers (R)*

* (R) - this indicates the card is reversed.

1. Querant: High Priest, 8 of Cups
He is engaged in all the proper acts. Fulfilling his role and duty in all areas as proscribed and in the correct form. He has kept his emotions and deep spirit in check. They now threaten to overflow. Be aware of boundries. Self-imposed limits do not always reflect what is there.

2. Situation: Lovers, 7 of Cups
He strives for her but she will slip his grasp until he fully unites his will to his spirit and grasps his desire firmly in both hands. Until then, she will look away to spirit, though spirit looks to flesh and is cloaked in the body and mind.
3. Deep Past: Chariot, Queen of Swords, Prince of Swords, and Ace of Pentacles
He was torn between two passions. One sought a 'strong Mother' in a severe woman of a firey temperment. The other seized control of fledgling passions and youth's heat. This direct path lead to enlightenment of the body and Earthly forms of knowledge.
4. Moderately Deep Past: Strength, Fool, Magician, Seeker/Hermit*, and 9 of Swords
Power came in surrender to ecstacy. A new path of Enlightenment came to him. He found occult knowledge and skill, but not the answers he sought. He turned within to seek knowledge. He has found his enemy is himself.
* As I looked at this card, I was told quite clearly to name this card as Prophet
5. Recent Past: 2 of Cups
Distance between his goal and himself has been keenly felt. The most recent attempt brought ignorance and denial of his value. She was praising barreness in the face of virility, yet crying for fertility. She is blind to the precipice. He has continued to struggle.
6. Immediate Future: Ace of Cups
Illumination, love, and an answer to the call of the Moon. One shall lead him along the way even as she gives him a healing draught of her heart. She will pass, and his life will be better, for she brings clarity in her ecstacy.
7. Hopes & Fears: King of Pentacles, 8 of Swords
He fears to be old, bitter, and alone despite of his wealth and money. He fears that he is fighting an insurmountable enemy. He hopes that these fears are illusions, but a nightmare from which he shall wake or a winter depression.
8. House & Home: Queen of Pentacles, Justice and 7 of Swords
One who is near to him provides a solid, grounding presence. Her motherly wisdom is from the age of her spirit. She is blessed with deep insight and clear vision with her gift of prophecy. You are encouraged to find rest and refuge in her arms.
9. Hand of God: Prince of Pentacles, 6 of Cups
He shall continue on his path. He is now manifesting the energy of his earlier choice. He will be called to celebrate this at Beltane. This is ordained of his spirit and from God's being.
10. Outcome: 6 of Pentacles
Remember that expression ~ "Life is a banquet and most poor fools are starving to death." Make a point to celebrate and seek joy. Grasp opportunity as it comes to you. Wealth, youth and joy may fade. Memory's store remains fresh and idle tears need not shed.
I. Past: 5 of Pentacles
Past difficulties seemed insurmountable inspite of his well completed work. His body was heavy and weary as his mind and spirit. Grim determination carried him forward.
II. Present: 6 of Wands
He turns within himself. He seeks solace in nature even as he strives to free himself from all destractions to his task of knowing and mastering himself.
III. Future: 9 of Cups
Love comes. All that is hidden shall be revealed. His power shall come to him. A woman shall be his guide.
As I stated elsewhere, I do not know who this reading is for. This was a very difficult reading for me to interpret. Never have I had one that proved to require three days to fully interpret the layers of meaning. As such, I think it is more then important to present this here for the world to see, for I am sure the person who needs this reading will reach me somehow, if I do not know him.


Early Springtide Thoughts

Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous Storm Moon
Moon Sign: Cancer
Weather: Cloudy, light precipitation & moderate breeze
(unseasonably warm, frontal edge due to pass thru soon)


Soon, it will be the full moon. We have reached the very beginning of the spring season with Imboleg just behind us. Imboleg (also spelled Imbolc) is a holy day in the Wiccan calendar and in several other Pagan belief systems. It comes from the pagan Irish Celts. This was the time of year when they held religious observances in honor of the beginning of the lactation of the herds. This was the first sign of the coming spring and the soon to be birthed livestock. This was also a fire festival.

Herds were driven between a pair of roaring bonfires for the sake of helping to stave off illness. Fleas and other small pests were drawn to the heat and light of the fire, jumping off of their hosts and killed in the flames. This and several other rituals that we have fragmented records of are grounded in such simple roots. The additional sacred meanings were added later.

During this time of year, we find ourselves faced with the bane of the season: boredom. As during the month of February, and in the early part of March, the harshest and coldest times of the year will fall, we are often cooped up indoors for longer then we'd like. We start to suffer from cabin fever and get quite restless. Some of us can afford that trip to some place sunny and warm for that week when school is out. Some of us have the means to get out of the house and go to the mall or off to someplace entertaining (the zoo, museums, or even the movies). There are also those of us who can not do these things.

This is where that infamous thing called Spring Cleaning is actually your friend. While you can not go full bore into it and air out the house, it doesn't mean you can't start. Take some time to sort your linens. Throw away the items too worn out to make rags and the ones that are in good condition (but you still don't want) give away to a local charity. Then, go out and purchase two (or more, if needed) sets of linens that you absolutely love. Get one set that is nice and warm (I find flannel to be just lovely) and one that's going to be wonderful for the summer.

Sort out your clothes and get rid of the things that you will never wear again. That which is too useless for even rags can still have a use if you do handcrafts. If you don't, or if your fabric box is so large that it really should be paying it's way in rent, get rid of it. That which doesn't fit you properly (and you can afford it) get rid of it and go buy some comfortable clothes. Sure, we all have the goal of losing those 10 to 20 (or more) pounds by summer, but we shouldn't have to feel guilty when we get dressed in the morning. The clothes that you love and are getting worn out, take a bit of thread and a needle, mend it up. Some of your rags can make very interesting patches if cut nicely and you can also change the look of your clothes with a few well placed stitches and appliqué.

One of the things I have found that we all crave this time of year is the interaction with something green. Houseplants are wonderful for this. If you don't own any, you should consider investing in some. And yes, I mean investing. You don't need to go buy anything expensive, but take your time to determine what you need and what will be well suited to your indoor environment. Houseplants serve alot of good, even if no one really talks about it. We can always talk to our plants, and they'll flourish just from the attention. It really doesn't matter if we're telling them how beautiful they are or if they're just listening mutely to our sob stories about daily life.

Houseplant also clean the air in your home, which is going to be good for your health. And, let's not forget, that little bit of moisture that they require will also add to the humidity of your home as well. This time of year, the air is so dry that I know that I have problems with my hands getting painful with dry skin. I'm sure you do as well. If you have the space, you can put some newspaper down on the floor and repot your houseplants. Obviously, look up just what these beauties need to flourish. You want to do it right, so make sure that you're armed with all the information you need. But, the smell of wet earth and the feel of the loam beneath your hands will do wonders for cabin fever as well. Do it once a year and you'll find that your plants benefit as much as you do.

Doing these simple and practical things can help bring springtide into your life even when the crocuses haven't quite peeked up yet from the snow.