A word from Loki

Sif's Barber has been whispering in my ear again. He wants something simple conveyed:

Would all of you shut the fuck up? I'm sick of hearing whining about how the System is broken and I have to fix it for you. Stand up on your own two feet and do it yourselves. You created the problem. You're not children, you can damn well fix it.

Now, that said, my priestess (yes I said MY priestess, those of you who'd be offended need to get over it) has some work to do and you are going to help her. The way you're going to help is by getting off her back. (This message is for the dead, by the way.)

As for the others, the breathing mortal folk, get up off your asses and do some work for a change. Gods are not playthings or instant win tickets. Keep pestering and you're going to find that we do take an interest in you. I assure you, given your tone, it will not be kindly. At least, not by me.

To put it lightly, he is not pleased with the behavior of some of his followers. Even as I sit here, I can still tell that he is grumbling and muttering in irritation. Loki usually doesn't do that. I don't know how many folk follow him that happen to read this page, but those who do I guess you have been warned. Considering that Loki doesn't do this that often, it'd be a good idea to heed it.

Loki's irritation with the "idiots" in the world (some days I almost wish I wasn't able to hear things but that's a different topic for a different day) aside, I feel that I must post something in here.

Loki has been making things increasingly challenging for me. I've been pressed into doing research about how others follow/worship him. It's been showing the relationship I have with him is unique. After all, how many deities will merely laugh at you when you tell them to go screw themselves. (By the way, Loki laughed his proverbial ass off and then reiterated what he wanted to tell me. Sixteen times in a row. Don't say he doesn't get even, because he does. Usually in the most maddening ways possible.)

I've also been finding that I am more like a dyed in the wool wiccan then I was willing to admit. It has been a bewildering experience. Loki's been getting a good laugh out of that too. He says when I hold my first real circle, then I'll finally understand what he's been trying to tell me on that matter. Apparently, the small circles that I've been doing don't count. He wants me to do one with several others, serving as high priestess.

It's a thing that I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this. On one hand, my anthrophobia (I learned a new word that accurately describes just what it is I fear) is screaming 'No! Don't do it!' while there's another part of me that actually misses the experience of being part of a group practicing witch craft. Formal covens or informal gatherings, there's a special flow to the energy when you add others into the mix.

He's been telling me to get to know Sigyn. He's not saying I should let go of my relationship with Morrigan but that Sigyn is important for me to know for more reasons then the fact that she is his wife. I feel foolish admitting this, but I'm a bit afraid of her. I find myself worried that she is not going to like me. Loki insists this is simply foolish of me but it's a hard fear to shake. I never thought that my anthrophobia could extend to gods, but it seems to have in this case.

It's funny, but one of the ways I can tell that Loki is present is I smell smoke. Right now, I smell pine smoke. It makes me smile because it brings to mind the fire lit in my grandparent's living room fireplace when I was a child. It also brings to mind the story of who Loki's parents are and how some people insist he is the embodiment of wild fire.

Loki wants me to change how I do things. I am uncomfortable with this but I suppose growth is not always to be comfortable. After all, today he insisted I go out in public and interact with complete strangers.