Curiouser and curiouser...

In my effort to make an end run around my on going psychological difficulties, I started doing some reading about the Morrigan. In the course of my following links and reading on various sites (some well known and respect and others less so), I stumbled on to a connection that rather left me in shock. There is a theory, that is built upon anthropological precepts, that the Morrigan and Sigyn are quite possibly a manifestation of an earlier Goddess.

It left me rather thunderstruck. Could this be why Morrigan is a patroness of mine? And the reason for the unexpected amicable relationship between a Celtic goddess and the Lie-Smith? I have heard them both chuckling at me at times. It is a rather... bewildering thing. And yet, it makes absolute sense at the same time. A case of 'of course! why didn't I see it before now?' if you will.

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