Meditation: Trance Induction No. 1

Breathe deep. Feel the air filling your lungs slowly. Hold it in for a moment and then let it ease out. Exhale slowly, letting the tensions and worries go out of your body with your breath. Wait a moment, aware of your heart beating in your chest and the feeling of waiting in your lungs for air. Inhale slowly, savoring the cool air moving in through your nose, down your throat and into your chest. Feel your lungs filling like balloons, pleasantly stretching out to accommodate your breath.

Pause a moment, lungs full and a pleasant tension in your body. Exhale and feel all of the tension pass out of you, dissapating with your breath into the air. Now, as you inhale, the state of relaxation deepens. A feeling of serenity fills you eve as your lungs fill with air. When you exhale, all lingering anxiety and tension fades.

You are now in a state of deep peace and comfort, like when on the edge of sleep and yet aware. You breathe easily and comfortably. Inhale, exhale. Relaxation fills your body, starting at your toes. You curl them and feel the tension in your feet peak, then uncurl them and feel the relaxation replace it. Up the back of your calves, the tension peaks and then melts away. This wave moves upwards into your thighs and hips. Slowly, gently, it passes up through your abdomen and into your chest.

It spreads across your chest and down your arms. You can feel the tension melting out of you, like water running down and dripping off your fingertips into the earth. The relaxation moves through your neck and over your face. Your entire body is relaxed. You are at peace, rested and comfortable, yet alert.

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