Can't anyone help?

Waxing Blood Moon (Age: 4 days)
Sign: Sagittarius
Weather: Mild, partly cloudy
I'm called to following the Goddess in the aspect presented from the Deanic/Fillianic perspective. As I do research and attempt to find others, I am instead finding dead ends. Abandoned blogs, closed websites, and groups that appear to be inactive. I am becoming quite frustrated. I don't understand why I am called to this, I don't understand how I am supposed to proceed.

I acted according to Goddess's prompting and I have been praying the Fillianic rosary. I look for other things that could possibly guide me more upon this path and I find nothing. I confess, I am very frustrated. I don't know what direction I am supposed to turn. I'm called to follow a monotheistic Goddess faith along side my strange from of heathenism. I struggle to make things work when I have been operating from a shamanic flavored eclectic Wiccan framework. 

A part of me is so frustrated that I want to cry. A part of me leapt at the prospect that perhaps I was joining a community of other believers. I find, however, that there is no one else answering my call. It makes me feel horribly alone to see where things had started and then floundered. I feel like I'm late to the party and those who are inside won't let me in.

The perverse irony of the feeling in the light of the Christian parable has not been lost on me. I don't know what to do. I'll say my prayers and just do my best to trust the Gods to know what they are doing.


Ms. Betty said...

Ask your power animals/spirit guides.

They may know what direction you need to go.

It may be that there is no path/trail and you are meant to blaze one.

Good luck with it.

Ms. Betty said...

Ask your power animals/spirit guides. They should know.

It may be that there is no trail to be followed and you are meant to create one.

Good luck with it.

(ps, sorry if you get this twice, Blogger was giving me fits!)