Raising a witch?

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As I sat with my son this morning and read to him, I was rather delighted to see that he is showing a lively interest in books. It particularly struck me, however, that he loved to listen to me chanting some of the Wiccan chants that I know and use occasionally. We just sat and rocked as I chanted a few different ones. He especially enjoyed We All Come From the Goddess and The Earth is Our Mother. It is my hope that when he gets a little older, he will perhaps have an interest in witchcraft.

I can't say that I'm 'raising' him to be a witch. I detest the concept of forcing religion upon a child. While I agree that children do need to have structure to build from and grow with intellectually and spiritually, I can't condone forcing religion upon them. As such, I've been taking a careful look at how I want to approach this topic. My dear husband has told me that he trusts my judgment and is going to follow my lead on this matter. While witchcraft may shape elements of how we raise him, I believe I'm going to keep as many of the options for him to explore open as I can.

When he gets older, I won't be disappointed or upset if he chooses to practice a different religion then myself or his father. I may be upset if he decides that his politics or his religious beliefs are going to come between him and us, but I can't say that I'll have any control over that. What I want is for him to find the path in his life that helps him to grow to be the best person he possibly can be and to find something in his life that gives him stability within himself. Some people find that within witchcraft and others find it in atheisim. While he's little, however, witchcraft can act as a proving ground and a place for him to learn.

So, he may be raised with witchcraft around him and he may choose to continue it as he gets older, but I don't think I can 'make' him be a witch anymore then my neighbors can 'make' me be Christian.

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Anonymous said...

I have 3 daughters, ages 3, 10, & 14. My wife i wiccan and I am, well lets just say I am eclectic to say the least. We are raising our girls in a basiclly pagan house. We have allowed them to go to other churchs, rites, ceremonies with their friends. Another pagan couple asked one weekend where our oldest was and I said she went to church with a certian friend. I thought I had just sparked the apocolypse. They asked why we as pagan parents would allow our oldest, a "witch in training" to go to a catholic mass. I replied, "it is her choice whether to choose a wiccan or pagan life or another way".
I agree with you, we should allow our children to find there path while instilling tolerance and acceptance of other beleifs, spiritual paths and cultures.