Blogs of interest

Waning Sap Moon (Age: 27 days)
Sign: Pisces
Weather: Fair skies & unseasonably warm

I'm starting a list of blogs that I follow in case anyone who reads this wants to know who's work I am reading currently. If your blog is on the list and you want it taken off, let me know. This post will be getting updated as I add other blogs to the list.


Witchin' in the Kitchen
(who has a pashmina give away going on, so go check it out!)

The Fruit of Pain

Looking Up at the Clouds

Tealights in the Dark
(who I really hope will be updating soon, I really enjoy their writing style)

The Iconoclastic Domina

Loki's Bruid

Gangleri's Grove

I'll be adding more as I encounter them upon the interwebz.

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