Herbalism: Vanilla Tincture.

Waxing Rose Moon (6 days old)
Sign: Virgo
Weather: Fair skies, mildly humid
It has been too long since I have posted in here. To get back into the habit, I am posting the recipe for the vanilla tincture that I made recently. I have used it as the base of a perfume, for which I'll give the recipe later. It is probably one of the easiest things I have made in ages. I learned how to do this from my Mom, who had the instructions in one of her recipe books.

Magically speaking, this tincture can make an excellent component in love spells, as vanilla is an aphrodisiac. It can also be useful in home blessing spells, for vanilla is a spice associated with sweetness and positive energy. The tincture is one that can be drunk and otherwise consumed in food. It can be used in place of vanilla extract in recipes, the ratio is 1:1.

To prepare the tincture, one must first acquire a bottle of high proof alcohol. I use a 1 liter bottle of vodka. I then take a vanilla pod and split it in half. I do not scrape the seeds out but I will break the pod up into several pieces. These are then placed into the bottle of alcohol. The tincture is then allowed to infuse for at least two weeks. Once the tincture has turned a rich golden color, it is ready for use. Transfer the tincture to another clean bottle for storage, making sure it is well labeled and stored away from light or heat.

If one has access to amber colored bottles, it is good to use them for storing tinctures and other preparations because the tinted glass will reduce the effect that light has upon the chemical compounds of the tincture. It acts like a pair of sunglasses on the bottle. Light will break up the compounds in the tincture, making it less effective as time goes on and it is exposed.

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