Shadow Mask Meditation

This meditation is from Timothy Rodreck's book Dark Moon Mysteries. Please note, our shadow masks are the aspects of ourselves that we have built up to separate ourselves from our more "negative" or our shadow side. Through working with them, we will learn to assimiliate and incorporate our shadow sides into ourselves and thus become healthier and more empowered.

Close your eyes and imagine a soft white glow is forming at your feet. It begins to swierl upward and it forms a protective shell around you. It lifts you up and takes you on a journey to the core of your being. The misty glow sets you down and dissipates to reveal a marble staircase that spirals downward. The light is very dim along the walls of the staircase and you can't see all thw ay to the bottom, but you know that this is a place into which you must venture.

You begin down the staircase and you notice is spirals in a counterclock wise direction. The light in the staircase comes from candles burning in small niches along the walls. The staircase walls are made of smooth cold marble that you occasonally touch as you continue your journey downward. As you work your way down the stirs, notice on the walls there are occasionally sigils, magical symbols formed out of metal and embedded into the stone walls. These are the symbols of your shadow masks. Take note of which ever one is most prominent. This is the symbol for your primary shadow mask.

Reach up and touch the symbol fo your primary shadow mask and you'll find it comes loose from the wall. As you hold it, you can feel the cold weight of the metal symbol in your hands and you can see it from all sides. Hold onto the symbol as you continue down the stairs. When you reach the bottom, you find before you a large door. You try the door but it is locked. Look at the keyhole and you find that it is shaped like the symbol in your hands. Slip the metal symbol into the hole and you find the door unlocks and opens.

The room is cold and quite dark, except for a single point of illumination across the room. The light comes from a mask that hangs on the far wall. Go over to it and look at it. As you look at it, you notice it is well in reach, so you take it down and examine it. On the inside of it there is a name, take note of it. After you have examined it, put the mask on and ask it the following questions, pausing between them to hear the answer:

How do I resolve this shadow mask?
What do I have to learn from this shadow mask?
What does this shadow mask keep me from accomplishing?

When all of your questions have been answered, place the mask back on the wall. You exit the door and after it closes you take the symbol back. You begin to ascend the steps and you can place the symbol on the wall at any place. The symbol will set itself into the marble. You continue up the steps, moving more quickly this time and emerge to the misty light. The light envelops you and returns you to your body.

Quoted from: Dark Moon Mysteries by Timothy Roderick.

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