Ostara 2006: Seeds of Change

Ostara, the Spring Equinox, the time of the first planting of the year.

Among the meditative subjects that we have about us this time of year are:

Planting and germination of seeds
Fertility of animals
Birth of those concieved in the autumn

For the meditative subject today, I am using the planting and germination of seeds. As you will find, I draw much of my inspiration from science and the natural world around me. I tend to blame this upon the environment I was raised in. If you look at the science of seed planting and germination, you find that there are several definative stages that the plant moves through as it develops from a seed to a mature plant, like corn or a mighty oak tree.

You look at the link above and you will see that a biologist has taken apart a seed and given you an interesting look at it. You can see the beginnings of the plant in that seed. Now, you're probably asking, how does this relate to me? And how does it relate to witchcraft, the Spring Equinox or anything else?

I find alot of hope in the above image. No matter what happens, the seeds will grow and spring will come to the world. Down in Louisiana, where the hurricaines have left still a dramatic amount of devistation on the cities and towns, plants are growing and blooming. In fireblasted regions of the world, plants are growing.

No matter what happens in our lives, there are always new beginnings. We can choose to start anew. It is a great act of courage, but it is also a natural act. After all, seeds commit great acts of courage to cease being seeds and grow into the plants they are destined to be.

Blessed be.

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