Poem - Voice in the night

In a moment of silence, She called
Her voice whispered from within my soul
The cool call of water's laughter and sweetness of wind-song
She called out to me
Her silver hand touched my brow
Soothing away my fevered anguish
Her golden voice bespoke of dawn and dusk
Of things timeless and dust
And so did the Lady call to me

Return to your soul, child
Know of your way and your song
They sing of glory and might
But yours is the songs of starlight
Of magic and whispers betwixt dusk and vespers
Yours is the song of the soul
Return to your path and way
Mind is the dawn and dust
Mine is that which is and must
Move in the world and sing my song
You are the voice, the harp
Yours is the sound and the song
Yours is the dance eternal
Return, return to your soul

In a moment of silence did She call
Her voice silvered and sweet
A lark's song borne on the night's wind
So did She call to me

Yours is the dance and the way
The patterns are woven within
Hear the beating of the drum
Heed the call of the song
Yours is the flow of the sea
Dance with reed and stone
Dance with blood and bone
So do I move and so do I sing
The dance is yours to bring

In a moment of silence did She call
In winsome voice and sweetest joys to all
Her hidden smile and starry veil
Dancing on the tide
So did She call to me

Yours is the glory and yours is the might
For such are your birthright
Bold and brave, so shall you be
For my own hand did shape ye
Sing now a song of joy, bright and gay
Dance in honor of the day
For ever on are you blessed
For you have found me again
I am the light in the shadows
I am the spirit within
The heart of the world
The heart of a girl
This beats within me
I am the dawn and the dusk
I am the will and that which must
All feel my presence
Only one holds my form
Rejoice, my child, for we are one
E'er since you were born.

This was written by myself several years ago. I just found it again. I'm currently working on a project and I've included it in there. I think the world would probably benefit from this brief glimpse as well.

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