Goddess Rosary II

On the terminal:

I believe in the Mother.

On the first bead:
Our Mother, the dust of whose feet is Heaven, holy is your name.
Your love come. Your will be done by Man as it is by Earth.
Give us this day our daily bread and teach us to forgive ourselves as we forgive others.
Lead us unto wisdom and deliver us from evil.

On the first three beads:
Hail Mother of All, giver of Grace!
Blessed are your Names, and blessed are we, your children.
Lead us now unto wisdom.
And comfort us at our hour of death.

On the fourth bead:
State first mystery (conception) and recite Our Mother (above)

Say 10 Hail Mothers while meditating upon the mystery.
Our Mother

Repeat for remaining decades.

The Mysteries of the Mother
1. The Conception of Life
2. The Quickening of Life
3. The Transformation from Maiden to Mother (pregnancy)
4. The Suffering of Labor
5. The Triumph of Birth
6. The Suckling of the Child
7. The Growth of the Child
8. The Separation from the Child
9. The Transformation from Mother to Crone
10. The Mystery of the Great Mother (Goddess as death and bringer of rebirth)

1 comment:

BlackWolf (Adrian) said...

"Hail, Lady, God of Life -
Blessed art Thou, and Blessed is All Thy Creation.

Holy Lady, Mother of All -
Be mindful of me (us)
And grant me (us)......."

Be very careful what you ask for, as She does listen.