Pagan Blog Project: M - Magic

I'm pretty sure that everybody and their cousin are posting about this topic. Magic seems to be one of the most popular parts of modern paganism. I'm not going into talking about the 'woo' stuff. No descriptions of rituals or anything else dramatic like that. No talk of energy manipulation or anything else that is stock and trade.

If you want to see powerful magic, I've got something amazing for you. Watch children growing up. Watch seeds burst into plants and those plants stretching up to the Sun. Watch the processes of life all around you. Each of these things are magic. All of the ordinary wonders that we take for granted, take a second and recognize how amazing they are.

The statistical likelihood of life on our planet is small compared to the rest of the universe. The statistical likelihood of YOUR existence is small. There is but ONE person like you out of all of humanity. This is wonderful. It is magic at work.

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