Pagan Blog Project: K - Kitchen witch.

My mother had one in her kitchen. I now have one in my kitchen. I'm pretty sure that family back in the old country had them in their kitchens. The Kitchen Witch doll is a simple little luck charm. I made myself one from a corn husk doll, a bit of fabric, and a wooden spoon I had decorated and blessed a few years back.

It's a very simple little thing. I made a point of giving the doll a headscarf. I figured since the goddesses in my life have been appearing veiled, I may as well make my kitchen witch be veiled as well. All the materials I used are recycled or similarly something I had on hand.

The corn was a major portion of my lunch today and it was delicious. I cut up the other cobs for the boys to have tonight with dinner. The other husks were used to make other corn husk dolls. One was a failed attempt and got promptly put into my composting bucket. The other is out in my flowerbed as a little scarecrow.

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