Diamonds and Trees

Something I saw on FB reminded me of a conversation that I've had a few times with Beloved. We both want our remains to be cremated when we die. I don't want to just sit in a box on a shelf, to be honest. No matter how pretty that box might be. Considering it all, I truly like the idea of having my ashes turned into diamonds. They figure they can get about nine diamonds out of the average body. As such, I would want three to go to each of the guys in my life.

Another option that I am interested in and would be more then happy to support is the idea of my ashes nurturing a tree. The prospect of my life feeding another life feels even more fitting then being turned into diamonds that could be passed down through the family. I don't know which option is going to be the right one for me when I expire. I do know, however, that planning and considering what I want done with my remains will make the day that I die easier for my living family members.

I love them and I don't want them to be struggling with these kinds of heart wrenching decisions in the midst of struggling with the grief of it all.

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