How to contact Loki?

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 An anonymous reader posted the following last week: I have a question. you see, Loki has been my one true love...for many years. I talk to him all the time, ALL THE TIME! I would die to hear him, to get some sage advice and a pat on the head. is there some way you can reach out to me, and maybe lend a hand. I would love it. Thank you. on Hail Flame Hair! Hail Scar Lip! Hail Loki!

First, thank you, my friend, for reading my blog. It is always delightful to hear from the folks who read this. I hope that you are enjoying my efforts.

Now, let's get to the meat of your question. How does one receive communication from the gods? There's this idea floating around the pagan community of the 'godphone' wherein people will automatically hear a response back from the deities as though they would talking to another physical person.

While some folks, like myself may have the gift of hearing the gods reply back to them, it is more common that the gods communicate with us by way of signs. It may not be as dramatic as the proverbial burning bush, it may be things as simple as a particularly well timed bit of aid from an unexpected source or as complex as having random snippets of conversation overheard match what would be their side of your mental conversation.

Much of my communication with Loki comes by way of a mixture of these signs and what I suppose you could call spirituality based audio/visual hallucinations. It took me years to reach the point where I had enough awareness of my own thoughts that I could distinguish the difference between myself and something 'other'. Where the audio hallucinations that I have during depressive episode induced psychosis are always the same (and with the medication that I am currently on, I haven't had any in a while) the spiritual contact ones are different. They change from each incident.

Additionally, when I concentrate on something else, they don't have occasions where they go quiet with sufficient effort. Between this and the fact that I am on a fairly high dosage of antipsychotics, I can't help but reason that my spiritual contact hallucinations are genuine manifestations of deity. When I have times where I am not sure if what my spiritual contact hallucinations are informing me of, I use divination (the study of signs) to confirm and clarify.

It is good to keep a record of your divination efforts and note down themes that come up when you are reading on the matter of divine contact. Just the same, it is equally vital to note recurrent events that are too full of synchronicity to be purely random. A dear friend of mine, another Lokiswoman, had a message delivered literally by having books falling on her head. Another associate had items in her home randomly get moved from where she placed them to her altar when no human hand had touched them.

If you wish to consider divination, pyromancy (also known as fire gazing) may be one to attempt. Loki is a fire deity and this would be a medium that he would very easily use to communicate. Most importantly, this would be a medium that you would find very easy to associate with him.

Building up a strong association between a method of contact and the deity you wish to communicate with helps facilitate that contact. If you are going to engage in pyromancy, keep a notebook handy. Watch the flames for images that form in them. Note them down and then interpret them like you would a dream. If pyromancy is not the method you wish to use, another technique that is very strongly associated with the Norse deities is rune reading.

There are many, many methods of reading runes. Some one who is new to rune reading may find a great deal of information available on the internet. Consider each rune that you pull individually and note down what you determine for each. Then consider the collection of them as a whole. As with other forms of divination, you are looking for distinct patterns in the signs and common themes between the readings.

If you do not have divination tools in your home, consider either contacting someone for a reading (I do them part time via Keen.) or using one of the free sites available.

It is very good that you have an active prayer life. This means that some of the work for communication with Loki is already done. Now, all you have to do is figure out the way that he is responding back. I assure you, he does respond to us when we pray (as to all gods). Sometimes the answer is a non-answer. Sometimes the answer is profound. And there are times where they respond with something that seems completely unrelated to the matter until it becomes clear after the fact that it makes a lot of sense.

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