Meditation on the Pheonix

The pheonix is a wonderful image that almost everyone is familiar with. The legend is given in many different forms. In general, it is a bird that is born of an egg that is found in the ashes of a large fire. It lives for a period of time, a bird of pure fire, and then it builds itself a nest/pyre and burns to death. With the egg of the pheonix to be found in it's ashes. It is a story that is associated with the solar cycle and usually upheld as a bit of hope during adversity.

It's a special symbol for me. It is not simply a matter of hope during adversity.

Our strength within the core of beings is something that is like that pheonix. No matter what happens, it comes back. You try to destroy it and it will return, even when it seems to have been destroyed.

The pheonix is ... is a archetypal image that can mean anything from renewal to courage to the ressurrection of Christ. For me, it is a reminder of my ability to survive the hells that I've experienced.

And I know of others that are pheonixes as well. They have weathered the many different storms of pain, sorrow, and terror to emerge even brighter and more radiantly glorious. I hope that you, my friends, recognize your pheonix as well.

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