Defensive confusion counter spell No. 1

Last Quarter Blue Moon (Age: 22 days)
Sign: Taurus
Weather: Cool, partly cloudy,
light breeze out of the west
This is a spell to use as a counter spell to someone ill wishing you or actually attempting to curse you. I have had fairly regular success with this one. It is an adapted version of a spell that I found in a D.J. Conway book. I have long forgotten what the book was and her title for the spell. I know that my version can be used with more or less candles, compared to the fixed number that she had.

Items needed:
  • mirrored candle plate
  • 6+ identical candles (Ideally enough to fit on the plate and fill it, I usually use tea lights.)
  • Source of open flame (a lighter is a fine option for this)
  • blessing oil or a bit of your personal scent (ie perfume or cologne)
  1.  Create ritual space in the typical fashion for your practice. Invoke any spiritual allies that you require and make proper greetings and request for aid.
  2. Pick one candle to represent you. Anoint it with the oil (also known as 'dressing' the candle) and attune it with yourself via projecting your personal spiritual energy into the candle.
  3. Place your candle in the center of the candle plate. Arrange others around it.
  4. Light central candle first.
  5. Light other candles randomly.
  6. Rearrange all the candles randomly whilst stating incantation.
  7. Allow candles to burn completely.
  8. Close ritual space and conclude your business with spiritual allies in manner that is customary.
  9. Dispose of the candles remains in a manner that is ecologically sound.

6 (or however many candles in total) fires burn, one is me. Flames dance and flicker. Mirror reflects all you see but you can not tell which is me.

The objective of this spell is to confuse the person targeting you for a spell. The candles act as illusions of yourself, which is represented by the dressed candle. Lighting them randomly and rearranging them randomly compounds the confusion in the caster because they can not tell which one is the source and which is the illusion. The mirror doubles this effect, adding an equal number of illusions plus one to the set.

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