Freyr the hunter.

Waxing Hunter's Moon (Age 9 days)
Sign: Aries
Weather: cold, partly cloudy,
snow forecasted for pm
So, I had a dream/vision of Freyr on the hunt. The first thing I was struck by was the fact that watching him in motion and action was a thing of frightening beauty. It was like watching a dangerous storm rolling through the sky. The second thing that hit me was how he was alight with joy. He was laughing as he chased after terrifying things and cut them down. As he and his party were going after things that made my nightmares look like a happy place, they were all whooping with joy and excitement. When the sighted their quarry, they laughed and cheered. When they ran it down and caught it, there was more of that kind of wild, ecstatic excitement like what you'd see at a sporting event in the fans where their team is winning and successfully thrashing their opponents like nobody's business. Bloodthirsty doesn't feel like the right word, but it is the closest I have for it.

I was just watching them from the side. And then he saw me. A part of me wanted to bolt when they moved towards me. They were rather intimidating (terrifying). The entire group cheered when they saw me. It was only a subtly different cry from what they made as they were chasing prey down. I felt like I was a prize even as I felt like I was their quarry. To say it was disconcerting is really a huge understatement. Looking back on it, I don't entirely know what kept me from running.

I suppose I was fascinated by the look in Freyr's face. Like, that hypnotized stare that deer get when they are caught in car headlights. It was all the joy and ferocity that came with hunting, and hunger. When they whole party had reached me, I found myself at the center of the group. Somehow, I knew that they were protecting me from what they had been hunting. He just smiled down at me with that look and said, "I caught you."

I will admit, my reckless streak came out. When I replied, "And what are you going to do with me?" pretty much everyone in the group laughed. It was a sound that made me immediately tell myself that sass was a horrible idea. A few in the group gave some... explicit suggestions. From the look in his eye, I honestly found myself wondering if he was going to take those suggestions and act on them right that moment.

He dismounted from the horse he was riding. (Anyone else out there who has involvement with Freyr, please tell me, it is just me or does he ride a horse that is the color of rust/dried blood? Also, that thing is freaking huge. I was probably tall enough that my head was about midshoulder on it, at best. And I'm a little above average height.) He brushed a lock of hair out of my face and then he kissed me. I felt like there was pure electricity between us.

Then the dream/vision ended. Since that happened, when he is present, he still has that wild, electric air about him. It's restrained but the tension of it feels like a balloon on the edge of bursting, for lack of a better description. It has been... intense.

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