Curse No. 1 - Withering roots.

Waning Gibbous Buck Moon (Age: 16 days)
Sign: Aquarius
Weather: Seasonable, partly cloudy skies
For this spell, you will need a black candle that will burn quickly. I used a black birthday candle. Present the candle to the deities and beings whom you are seeking assistance from. As you place it in the burner, envision the target of the spell as a tree with roots running into the earth. Light the candle with an active flame (a lighter flame, another candle, or a fire).

When you light it recite the following:

Let Daesh diminish as this candle does. 
Let the elements of the world consume them as the flame consumes the candle.
Let the speed of this candle's destruction mirror the rapid destruction of Daesh.

Turn to ashes as the fires of justice consume you.
Let the tree wither from the roots up. 
Let no blossom or fruit be upon its boughs.
Let the leaves turn to dust and the tree starve for want of supplies.

Burn away. You turn to ashes and dust. Powerless before the wind and ground beneath the heel of those who stand against you. You turn to naught. Just as the candle is consumed and vanishes, so shall you be consumed by justice's flame and vanish into nothingness, where none will remember your name.

As you recite the curse, envision the tree withering from the roots up. Envision the leaves becoming brittle and crumbling to dust. See all bud of future growth or fruit turning hard and then crumbling to dust. See the tree consumed from a flame that rises up from the earth, turning it to a pile of dust and ash. And then watch as the wind scatters the remains to the four corners of the world.

When the candle is fully consumed, the curse becomes 'active'. If there are any trace amounts of the candle left, melt them and then pour them into a container that is to be destroyed (ie: a paper milk jug that can be burned or recycled). Destroy the container, ensuring that the full potency of the spell is released. (Disposing of the container in recycling that is going to be processed at a plant counts as destroying the components.)

Then cleanse your ritual location and focus upon returning everything to the neutral energy it had before your action. Also, make a point to cleanse yourself of the energies associated with the curse. It is miasmic and will cause all sorts of its own special issues.

DISCLAIMER: If you are going to be cursing someone, expect there to be some sort of metaphysical push back. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Be prepared for some type of magical manifestation in your own life. This may or may not be harmful. Results will vary upon that front. The format of this spell is such that it can be adapted to other purposes. The use of this spell can have negative consequences if the target is 'close' to you. I recommend a different approach to interpersonal problems. All karmic repercussions of this spell is upon the user.

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