Curse No. 2 - Driven on the Wind

Last Quarter Buck Moon (Age: 22 Days)
Sign: Aries
Weather: Cool, cloudy, moderate breeze

Items needed:

Paper, writing implement, source of flame, flame proof container or location to burn items (all optional)

Conditions required:

Stormy or very windy weather makes for highest success

Write the target of the spell on the piece of paper. Place it in the vessel for burning. Light it and allow paper to burn to ashes. Cast ashes in the air to be blow away by the wind whilst stating incantation. Spell can also be cast with out ashes. Ashes can make for more effective visualization for spell but otherwise do not impact the spell greatly.


May you be driven on the wind.
May you find no rest or safety but ever in flight of terror.
May your voice be lost in the roar of the storm, devoid of power before that which opposes you.
May your strength be swept away as dust before the storm, powerless to resist it.
May your plans be broken as the trees before the hurricane's might.
May they be left in ruins and scattered with no hope of repair or continuance.
May your place of sanctuary be shattered as the house before the tornado's wrath.
May every board, block, and beam be broken.
May the nails be turned against you by the storm and driven into your flesh.
May you be cast away as the clouds before the wind, dissolving into nothingness on the gust.
By the restless air, I curse you, Daesh, to be destroyed and rendered powerless.


This spell can be adapted for other purposes. The caster, in doing so, assumes all karmic responsibility for their actions.

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