Defensive Confusion Counter spell No.2

Items needed:
  • candle
  • 4 mirrors arranged in an open box shape
  • source of live flame (a lighter is an acceptable option.)
  • anointing oil or a bit of your personal scent (i.e. perfume or cologne)

  1.  Create ritual space as per preferred methods. Invoke spiritual allies and helpers as needed.
  2. Place the candle within the center of the box formed by the mirrors. Ensure the mirrors are aligned to reflect each other and the candle as completely as possible.
  3. Anoint the candle and envision your energy streaming into the candle.
  4. Light the candle while reciting the incantation.
  5. Allow candle to burn down completely.
  6. Place wax remnants in a secure location where they can not be disturbed. Inside a small glass container and buried at a secret location is traditional.
Countless flames burn. Only one is me. All your efforts to find me are lost in illusion. You shall weaken and I will remain free.

Notes regarding manifestation:

This spell has swift results. It enhances the effectiveness of psychic shields used by the caster. It serves to diffuse and scatter energy cast towards the defender.

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