Basic hex breaking spell.

Full Harvest Moon (Age: 15 days)
Sign: Aires
Weather: Cool, rainy

This spell is a good general purpose spell for breaking hexes.1 It is not very complicated and the resources for it are fairly easy to acquire. It can be worked at any phase of the moon, but it is most effective during the waning phase.

Items Needed:
  • 3, 5, or 7 thorns (ground to powder in a mortar and pestal)
  • fireproof container with a layer of sand
  • charcoal
  • source of open flame (a lighter works for this)
  1. Place the charcoal into your fireproof container. Light it.
  2. After the charcoal is no longer emitting open flame, drop powdered thorns on to it. Recite incantation while doing so.
  3. Let charcoal burn to ash. Dispose of the ashes by burying in a place they will not be disturbed or into running water. (Yes, turning on the sink and casting the ashes into the stream will work in a pinch.)

Burn away. Burn away to ash. Curses, baleful malice, and harm passes away. Your power is ashes, blown away with the wind

1. I use the term hex here in the colloquial sense, meaning a malevolent spell or psychic assault.

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